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When a child reads often, they develop a wider vocabulary, they can express themselves more accurately, and they have more knowledge on several topics. For tips on how you can encourage your child to read more, refer to the ones mentioned below.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read

  1. Your child will be more eager to read if the reading material speaks to their interests. That's why you should allow them to choose what they want to read. Just monitor that the book is right for their age and reading level.
  2. To be able to enjoy a book, your child will need to focus and feel comfortable. To that end, create the right reading environment. This should be a nook with comfy furniture, good lighting, and no distractions.
  3. Reading comprehension and understanding a text is imperative to enjoy reading. Give your child a dictionary and teach them how to use it to search unknown words in there.
  4. Your child can also take notes to improve their reading comprehension of a text. Plus, if they write down names, plot points, and more, they'll be more engaged with the text.
  5. Finally, making reading a shared experience can encourage them to do it more often. You can read along with them and/or discuss the book with them to make the experience richer and more enjoyable.

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