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An organized backpack can aid in your child's success for the new school year. Read this post to learn tips on how you can help them arrange their school supplies.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack for this School Year

A student's organization skills can affect their learning experience more than you know. In fact, Understood mentions that they not only have to do with keeping their belongings in order, but also their thoughts, the information they learn, how they follow directions, and more. For that reason, in this post, you'll learn how you can help your child organize their backpack for the upcoming school year, so they can strengthen those skills, and become more in control of their learning process.

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Choose the Best Backpack for Them

Your child's backpack can make a difference in their organization skills, their learning experience, and their health, which is why it is imperative that you find one that has the following characteristics:
  • Has a design they like
  • Is big enough to carry everything they need
  • Has different pockets and sections for organization purposes
  • Is comfortable to them and allows them to distribute the weight evenly
  • Its straps are padded to avoid shoulder pain (encourage your child to always wear both of them)
  • If possible, opt for one that has wheels.

Get the School Supplies Ready

A backpack alone won't be of much help if your child doesn't have the necessary supplies for school. For that reason, before you begin packing, make sure your child will have everything they'll need for the upcoming school year. To that end, go through the supplies they already have, make a list of the things they're missing, and go shopping for them. You should even buy a few extras so your child doesn't run out.

Pack the Backpack Each Night

Carrying around every single textbook and notebook in the backpack won't only interfere with your child's learning experience, but it can also affect their back and shoulders greatly. For that reason, it is important to help them pack their backpack every night. This way, they'll be able to take out any item they won't need on the following day and pack the ones they will, all to avoid a messy backpack and a messed-up back.

Put Together an Organization System

A system is just what your child needs to keep their backpack organized. Put one together with them to ensure they understand it and will be able to follow it. You can, for example, create a system in which you organize books/notebooks/folders by size, or the order in which they'll be needed. Keep in mind, however, that Infinity Wellness Chiropractic recommends putting the heavier items on the back of the backpack, so as to avoid as much strain on your child's body as possible.

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Place Smaller Items Together

Students are constantly losing their pens, pencils, erasers, and other smaller items. If you wouldn't like your child to participate in this very expensive and counterproductive endeavor, provide a pencil case or a small pouch for them to place those smaller items in. However, just as with any other organization tip in this post, you should teach them to always use said case accordingly, so their items don't end up at the bottom of their backpack.

Label Their Backpack

A lost backpack can be a very tragic thing, since that's where your child keeps all of their supplies, study material, and other items they need for learning. That's why it's a good idea to label your child's backpack. You can write their name, grade, and phone number, so they can have a greater chance of getting it back if they ever misplace it.

Clean Out the Backpack

Finally, help your child clean out their backpack every so often (for example, every two weeks). This will help them take out all of the trash that they surely keep in it (wrinkled papers, food leftovers, etc.). The trash, of course, can affect their organization skills and their learning experience, so empty out their backpack (and even throw it in the washer, if possible), so it can be as clean as possible.

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