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Too much free time during summer break? Read this post for a few ideas of goals you can work to accomplish, so you can take full advantage of your time off school to do something productive. 

Goals to Accomplish this Summer

While you were surely eager to finish school, it's probable that you soon realized that having too much free time on your hands can be boring and even detrimental to your physical, emotional, and mental health. If you want to take advantage of your time off and fill your vacation with fun and productive experiences, this post will share a few summer goals you can try to accomplish.

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Read, Read, Read!

Reading is often regarded as one of the most beneficial activities anybody can engage in, and with good reason: you learn new things, you expand your vocabulary, you're exposed to different ideas, and much more. So why not make it a goal to read more during your summer break? If you don't have a habit of reading, you can always start with an easy, reachable goal: read one book every two weeks. It's also recommended that you choose topics that interest you, so you feel more eager to become a bookworm during your vacation.

Start a Journal

Much like reading, writing can also bring with it a slew of benefits: it can be great practice to develop your grammar skills, as well as a chance to sort out your ideas and express them in a healthy way. Lifehacker mentions writing can even help you release some stress. Once again, if you aren't much of a writer, make this the "summer of writing". Start by keeping a journal or diary where you document what you've been doing, feeling, thinking, and more, during your days off. If you feel up to the challenge, you could give short stories or fictional texts a try later on.

Engage in Physical Activities

During summer break, students are in danger of spending all of their time as couch potatoes, watching TV or playing video games. While resting is encouraged and well-deserved, doing too much of it won't be good for your overall health. Your body and mind need to be challenged, which is why doing some kind of physical activity can be great for them. You can walk your dog daily, enroll in a dance or swim class, or get together with friends to play basketball. Just make a goal to stay active, so your muscles can develop and your brain can be properly oxygenated.

Study Every so Often

For students, studying may be the last thing they want to do during their summer break. Still, doing it a few times over your time off can have its advantages. To start, you'll avoid the dreaded summer brain drain, which leads students to forget the lessons learned and have a harder time returning to school. Moreover, if you have any lingering doubts about a subject or feel like you need to reinforce your learning process, your time off will give you a chance to catch up and become a successful student.

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Learn Something New

Speaking of being a more successful student, become a student of other things. You can branch out during your summer vacation and make a goal to learn something new. Think about your interests and choose one area that you'd like to develop in. You can take up gardening, learn how to cook, pick up an instrument, enroll in drawing lessons, or even learn a new language. The idea here is that you expand your knowledge-base and skill set, and keep your mind awake during your time off school. Plus, learning new things can make you smarter, more confident, and can help you sharpen different skills.

Visit New Places

And while we're on the subject of trying new things during summer break, you should travel to new places. Traveling not only helps you break out of your routine and create new memories, but it can open your mind and give you the opportunity to be exposed to different ideas and opinions. If you don't have the budget or the freedom to make a big transnational trip, you can get together with friends or family to visit an unknown place in your own city, state, or country.

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