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Are you worried that your child's cellphone usage could get in the way of their learning experiences or other activities? The post below will share tips on how to prevent cellphone distractions.

How to Prevent Cellphone Distractions

  1. First, have a conversation with your child about this subject. Help them realize the responsibility this entails. Them knowing that you trust them with it will help them feel more mature and strengthen their self-esteem.
  2. Another important topic to go over during your conversation with your child is the rules they'll have to follow. Set time limits for your child's cellphone usage, let them know what they can and can't see and do.
  3. Aside from the tips above, you'll need to enable parental controls that are available on the cellphone to ensure they won't access content they shouldn't be.
  4. Something that should be clear from the get-go is that your child's academics, chores, and other responsibilities should be a priority and that they're only allowed to use the cellphone once they're done with them.
  5. A good way to use the cellphone to your advantage is to motivate your child with it. If you ever feel they're discouraged or losing focus, tell them they'll be able to use the cellphone once they're done with their tasks.
  6. Finally, even though you should try to avoid it, take your child's cellphone away when they've shown they can't follow the rules or they aren't mature enough to use it.

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