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Winter break learning loss could affect your child during the holiday season. To make sure it won't interfere with your child's learning process, read this post by .

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

Winter break learning loss happens to students who completely neglect their academics over the break. Unfortunately, this means that they forget part of what they learned in school, which can interfere with their learning process once they return to school. To make sure your child doesn't go through this, you should read and follow the tips below to prevent winter break learning loss.

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Help Them Become an Avid Reader and Writer

First and foremost, you should encourage your child to read and write. Reading and writing can bring awesome benefits to your child if they do it often. For example, if your child keeps a journal of their winter break, or if they write short stories, they'll likely develop a more vivid imagination, they will explore their creativity, and they will find new ways to express their thoughts and feelings. Moreover, writing often may also mean that your child will be more effective when communicating said ideas (be it through written or spoken word). Reading can also be incredibly beneficial. If your child reads great books over their winter break, they'll become more aware of how they can use the English language to their advantage. Furthermore, they'll learn about different subjects, and they'll inadvertently sharpen their grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

Review Notes

For children, the holiday season is about friends, family, gifts, and fun, which is why it's highly likely that your child doesn't even want to come near their notes while they're on winter break. However, if you would like them to avoid winter break learning loss (and the downsides that come with it), you will need to encourage them to review their notes once or twice. Going through what they learned during the previous school term will help them refresh their memory and abilities, which will, in turn, help them be better prepared to build on that knowledge and skills. If needed, make up and employ a reward system to motivate your child to study during their break.

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Take a Few Learning Trips Together

Luckily, nowadays, you can take your child on a few different learning trips to help prevent winter break learning loss. Not only that but going on a few learning trips together will help make their winter break more special overall since they will get to create new memories and bond with you in the process. To that end, you can visit a museum, the library, or the zoo. For example, a quick visit to the library may help them discover a new book, or reinforce something they already learned. On the other hand, going to the zoo will teach them about biology, ecology, and about the other species they share the world with.

Play a Few Games

Learning, or even reviewing what was learned, doesn't have to be a dull activity. On the contrary, nowadays, your child has a ton of different game options to choose from in order to practice and develop their academic skills. For example, a crossword puzzle can test their knowledge on a subject, as well as their spelling skills. You can also search for online games or apps that will allow them to work on their reading, math, vocabulary, and much more, without taking the fun out of their winter break.

Talk to Your Child About Their Academics

Getting your child to simply think about their academics can be of big help in the fight against winter break learning loss. This is because doing so will force them to think about the lessons learned, which will help keep them fresh in their minds. For that reason, you should engage them in conversation on the subject. For example, it's a good idea to ask them to add up a bill or to tell you about what they learned in their English class. This will help them reinforce their knowledge and practice their skills.

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