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A child who reads often is one that is a better communicator and a more successful student. If your child doesn't read much, this post will share some tips on how to instill a love of reading in them.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read

The benefits of reading are plenty: from a better understanding of the world and a more vivid imagination to sharpened communication skills and a clearer grasp on certain subjects. However, to reap those benefits, you need to make a habit out of reading. If your child doesn't read much, but you would like them to do so, here are a few tips on how you can motivate them to read more.

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Be Their Reading Role Model

Have you ever told your child to do something only to have them reply with something along the lines of "but you don't do that, so why should I?" That's because your child learns by example, and no matter what you tell them, they won't listen if your own behavior contradicts what you're saying. For that reason, the first tip in this post is to be your child's reading role model. If they see you reading often and enjoying it, they'll be more interested in doing it themselves.

Allow Them to Choose What They Read

Forcing a book on your child can put a damper on the experience, since it's possible they won't enjoy it if doesn't speak to their interests. For that reason, it is better to allow them to choose what they will read, especially if they're just starting out. This way, they'll be able to pick out something they like and the independence will make them feel more eager to read. Just be sure to verify that the material is appropriate for their age and reading level.

Set the Right Conditions for Reading

If you've ever tried to read while you were uncomfortable, tired, distracted, and unable to see the text well, then you probably didn't enjoy the experience and wouldn't like it to repeat itself. That's why the conditions under which your child reads are so important if you want them to build a habit. To set appropriate reading conditions, provide a well-lit and comfortable space that's free of distractions. Likewise, install a "reading time" each night (before bed, for example), so they can become more and more used to reading.

Help Them with Their Reading Comprehension

Reading something that is incomprehensible to you can make the activity seem boring, pointless, and exhausting. After all, what use is there to just reading words, if you can't really understand what they are trying to convey? To ensure your child doesn't give up on reading due to problems with reading comprehension, help them to develop their skills further. You can give them a dictionary to search new words, provide a notebook so they can take notes about what they read, and even read along with them to improve their skills.

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Make Reading a Bonding Experience

Often times, reading is regarded as an activity that you do on your own. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Reading can be a bonding experience for you and your child. For instance, you can read together before sleeping. In fact, reading bedtime stories with them can have many benefits, as mentioned in this blog post by The House Fairy. Moreover, reading with your child gives you the chance to discuss what you read and share your thoughts and opinions on the material, all of which can make reading more appealing to your child.

Visit the Library

If there's a place your child should visit to develop a love of reading, it is the library. Through their eyes, the library is a big, astonishing place that is completely filled with stories, information, history, love, adventure, and much, much more. Plus, once more, going on this field trip can be an enjoyable bonding experience that you both share. Take your child to the library to get them interested in reading, and while you're there, allow them to browse through books and pick out a couple of ones to take home with them.

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