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There's no way to understate the importance of sleeping in your child's development. To make sure your child has healthy sleeping habits, continue reading below.

How to Instill Healthy Sleeping Habits in Your Child

  1. The first step would be to have a conversation with your child and explain to them why they need to be sleeping well and how it can impact their development. This will make them more likely to make an effort.
  2. To have a restful night, you need to be tired. However, children have a seemingly endless amount of energy. For that reason, you need to keep them busy and engaged in physical activities.
  3. A key factor in building a habit is consistency. That's why, you should encourage your child to follow their sleep/wake schedule every day of the week, even during holidays.
  4. It's also important that they have and follow a bedtime routine. This could include having dinner, taking a shower, brushing their teeth, putting their pajamas on, getting into bed, reading for a while, and falling asleep.
  5. Set a few rules so that your child can have a restful night. For instance, they are not to have sugary, caffeinated or heavy meals at night. They should also turn their TV off an hour before bed.
  6. Finally, your child needs an appropriate environment to sleep. A quiet, clean, dark room at 70°F that has a sturdy but comfy bed with enough pillows and blankets should do.

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